Pleased to welcome you! 


Hello, my name is Iya Kim, I am a psychologist with practical experience of effectively counceling families and couples that are undergoing some difficulties in their relationships. This has been one of the main areas of my professional activity over the years. I'll help keep the family together and find harmony in your relationship, weather it is already an established one, or one in development. I offer help to a couple wishing to get back together if they were in love at some point but fell apart for whatever reason which is a challenging task comparable to the work of a master artist, yet is something that could definitely be accomlished. There is no cliche or bluebrint that could work as a universal instruction in solving such problems, therefore my aid is individual and exclusive to any particular situation. My assistance would be of great help in the early stages of any relationship be it a business or personal one. I cauld caution you against possible errors of miscommunication and advise in case of any conflicts that are common in everyday life. I'll be happy to guide you toward the best solution in a complex situation. If you let me work with you at improving your life, you would get a highly professional aid and would be able to build harmonous relationship and create a strong and happy family.


Successful and healthy people realize the importance of diligent self improvement practices. As shown by my experience, aid is commonly requied by individuals that appear to be completely successful, not suffering from disorders or issues like obesity, smoking, alcoholism, having no drug addiction, gambling habits or undergoing cancer treatment or recuperating from serious injuries.


It may come as a surprise, but it is a much larger audiense that should askwnolege the positive impact and benefit of qualified psychological asistance. We all know how important could a timely advice be in complex sircumstances. There are numerous stages in our personal development where we could get caught up in a situation of psychological dead end or find a graceful and intelligent way to deal with the problem at hand, strengthening inner confidence and peace of mind. Our everyday challenges come from a multitude of sourses and could involve our work, personal life, physical or emotional dependency or health issues and our reasons for seeking counseling are extremely diverse yet they have at least one thing in common - they are a nessesary step on a way to personal improvement.


A lot of people ask for help either because they feel lonely or alienated or there is something in their relationship that they are having promlems in coping with. Regardless of the level of income, social status or country of residence the issues that trouble my clients stay the same.


In most cases because I am contacted by women as they are more open to sharing their questions about their family problems. Most counceling involves the work with a single partner, however in recent years I have noticed that more and more men are welcoming therapy and enjoy the positive results in overcoming their inner "demons". In this regard, I am particularly happy to work with men who contact me due to the recommendations of their friends, because the successful example of their friends inspires them and forms a good basis for implementing my professional methods and skills.


There are examples of situatins where my asistance could be required. Once there was man at reception who said that he waned to solve some problems without involving his relatives and friends. More often than not that happens because client fails to realize that his or her problems are closely related to family relations or work routine. The motivation of the entourage shoulsd never be underminded. That is when it is neseccery to work with someone that plays a role in client's life environment in order to achieve the desired results or ensure that the proper atmosphere is established to cause the desired transformation. As you may well know, the alcohol and drug dependency is much more difficult to eradicate without the support of loved ones.


One of the areas of my work is the identification of suicidal tendencies. If all the data is available, it is also my job to do what it takes to prevent these inclinations to ever be carried out.


Often, a person seeking advice claims that he or she is not able to cope with some problem, yet at the same time treats the whole situation of therapy with skeptical irony, doubting that a solution could ever be found. It is often the case when a person comes for a cousultation under a strong demand or plead from a family member or a frend. In such cases we usually start by working through all the possible arguments against therapy that this patient may hold within/ My first goal is to motivate such an individual to move on in their way of self improvement and discovery, as they learn more about themselves and gain more resourses to deal with any personal issues.


As I pay much attention to business psychology, I see how the same principles are in affect when dealing with work habits, personal relationships and self confidence matters. I can give a completely accurate characteristic of a person based just on the on the auxiliary knowledge such as physiognomy and by observing facial expressions, voice intonations, the flow of speech and by noting the slightest body shifts and movements. O fcourse it is of uterly important in desision makin process involving businessbut its usefulnes goes far beyond just that. As the potential partners, discussing business may manipulate certain facts or stress some less important issues in order to evade sensitive details that are important to be aware of - many clients are naurally inperfect at stating impeccable facts about ther emotions or motives and it is my job to read through the code of their messages and see the true nature of their state of mind in order to help them help themselves. of all kinds.