Our first acquaintance will take pace on neutral ground and start with a fragrant cup of your favorite tea or coffee at a cafe of your choice.


We are going to work together, as its only a myth that like a magician a psychologist can work miracles all on her own. In reality the success of our "project" would come from our mutual efforts and your conscious awareness of your role in the process.


The duration of our meetings would depend entirely on how we would fashion our cooperation and could be either one or both - a short-term consultation a long-term series of sessions.


These are the issues that I focus on in my work :

Consultation of couples on their relationship issues

Individual counseling

 Support of emerging relations (including work with same-sex couples)

 Identifying suicidal predisposition

Business psychology and advisement ( developing decision-aiding techniques and practices, physiognomy)

Support for post trauma recovering, providing psychological assistance during and after cancer theatment

Helping overcome dependencies such as drugs, alcohol and gambling


Feel free to contact by e-mail:

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Please note: As I AM NOT a physician, I WIL NOT be able to PERSCRIBE any MEDICINE.

I do collaborate with medical organizations such as the private and

state clinics and diagnostic centers.

 Therefore, if you need medical help, I will redirected you to the appropriate professional institution.

 I do not work: with any kind of hypnosis and NLP techniques

 ( Neuro Linguistic Programming )

I do not work: with children of preschool and school age and teenagers with deviant behavior. But, if your child is an adult (19 years and older) and you both wish to resolve some interpersonal issues you are welcome.


 During my practice I often face cases involving psychological issues that are rooted in deep childhood or reflect some adolescent trauma. These, sometimes, are also manifested during counseling and aid provided in situations of midlife crisis.


One might think that only a psychological breakdown due to strong stress, an illness or drug/alcohol dependency may lead to psychologist's doorstep, but in reality there is a much vaster number of other life situations that demand professional involvement.


Most commonly I am being addressed about marriage and family issues as it is a matter that involves everyone regardless of their sex, age or country of origin, social status and religion. Until recently it were the ladies that made up the majority of clients, as men generally attended counseling only upon the request of their other half when it come to family relationship therapy.


However in recent years men are more and more inclined to seek professional assistance on their own without anybody's suggestion as it is more widely accepted as a norm of city life. It may be the only instance when fashion pays a beneficial role in psychological science. In any case this all comes down to one notable observation: that therapeutic work is usually being done with a single family member, at least initially.


As I pointed out earlier, there are lots of situations when a person needs help, especially when he or she has no one to turn for advice to, so it is usually just one person initially that seeks out an appointment. Unfortunately there are situations where it is necessary to work with patients who are unwilling, can not, or are convinced that they should not be assisted unless their relatives help or take part in the process.


Part of what I do, depending on a situation is motivating relatives and it is a very important part of my work. Often only in conjunction with the patient 's entire environment it is possible to really make progress and provide assistance to the necessary extent. For instance it is extremely difficult to overcome addiction without help of family, friends and loved ones.


One of the most exciting areas of modern psychology that is a part of my practice is business psychology. Athough my presence at business meetings and negotiations often remains unnoticed, my observations and analysis prove to be indisputably valuable. Due to the fact that I don’t get affected by any of the participants of the negotiations directly, my assessment remains completely subjective, as it is based on my research and practical knowledge of physiognomy.


My expertise could be of great help as I would be able to caution my client of certain things during negotiations. I could point out the possible ways to alter the style of communication at certain instances, make suggestion as to how my client could lead participants towards the desired goals and provide vital information about each neagotiator on the spot so that my client know what to expect from any of the participants.


I can show you how to spot suicidal tendencies or understand the behavior of your partners, how to affect and change their emotional state.


I am here to help people properly approach and find the best solutions for the situations that might seem to be completely hopeless at first glance.


I'd be happy, to be your guide and lead you out of any troublesome situations!


Take care of yourself and your loved ones and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Do your best to love the world and people, and with respect it shouldn't be long till you feel the harmonizing love in return.

 With love!

Always yours, Iya Kim.